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The Founders were at least partially composed of morphogenic enzymes, the molecules responsible for their shapeshifting ability. (DS9: "Things Past")

Two characteristics of Changelings included referring to its biomolecular structure and its morphogenic matrix.

A Changeling's natural state was its liquid form, which it must revert to every sixteen hours (Odo's example) in order to regenerate.


Eons ago, Changelings were monoforms like solids, limited to one shape and according to the Founders, at one time they were peaceful and explored the galaxy. But they were persecuted by some of the solids, and they came to believe that the only way to protect themselves was to conquer those around them. It isn't stated how they feel about other shapeshifting species. Solids (mono-form solid species) called the Founders "Changelings" as an insult, but the Founders took the name for themselves as an act of defiance. ("The Search, Part II") The story came from one of the Founders herself.

Long ago, the Founders sent out one hundred infant Changelings in order to gather information and explore, to return later and share what they have learned. The Founders did not expect any to return until the late-27th century. Odo and Laas were among the hundred. ("The Search, Part II", "Chimera")

The Great Link was soon infected by a morphogenic virus that threatened the Changelings with extinction. The Federation's secret police, Section 31, intended to wipe out the Founders, leaving the Dominion powerless and wavering. This was cured by Odo. ("Extreme Measures", "What You Leave Behind")

No Changeling ever harmed another until Odo killed one to save his crewmates in late 2371. "The Adversary

Only Odo suffered from low self-esteem and wished he were a solid. Other Changelings seemed proud of their heritage and considered themselves subtly superior.

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