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The Dosi were a humanoid civilization native to the Gamma Quadrant, and allies of the Dominion. The Dosi place great importance on business and are extremely aggressive negotiators, to the point that fatalities are not uncommon.

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The Ferengi, represented by Quark and Pel, negotiated with the Dosi in 2370 to purchase 100,000 vats of tulaberry wine. When the Dosi were unable to fulfill the demand, they referred the Ferengi to the Karemma, an important commercial member of the Dominion.

Over the next two years, Quark would accrue a debt with the Dosi. In 2372, when Quark thought he was going to die, his debt to the Dosi was mentioned by Rom as among those he had to pay off.


They where a Reptiloid race of the Gamma Quadrant and client states to the Dominion who are profit-driven like the Ferengi but, in stark contrast, tend to violence. Known to Zek for its tulaberries and wine, and as a possible link to greater powers in the Gamma Quadrant, their planet can supply 10,000 but not 100,000 vats of tulaberry wine.


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