Elad was the main villian of M.A.D. and had caused a Global Blackout.

Elad worked for Dayle's dad Ross Hayes.

Elad is a pardox as he killed his past self (his past self was Hitler)


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Elad has lived for hundreds of years and been present for these events

  • 1921 Tutankhamun restoration
  • 1929 the Wall St Crash (caused by Matt Ω)
  • 1933 Hitlers rise (as he was hitler)

Elad's Place in TimeEdit

Since Elad has lived for hundreds of years, he has taken on many lives such as

  • 1452 Da Vinci
  • 1919 Hitler, was convinced by Dale to join German Workers Party (Dale did not recognise Elad nor Hitler at this time)
  • 1939 Temporarily incapacitated Churchill & took his place to declare war on Germany
  • 2371 Pulled Voyager to the Delta Quadrant as the caretaker (Matt Ω hadn't even met Elad yet, but he had met Matt Ω). He was killed after the array was destroyed by Janeway & her crew (although he may still be alive)


Elad faked his death in The Pastured Marleks so it is unknown what happened to him.

Elad maybe alive after Andi fired at him.