The ability to control & manipulate electrical objects with the obligator's mind.


Dayle asorbed Ross' Elctrokinesis from him in Dayle's 18 Day Mission


  • Matt got this ability when Snyder was about to kill him but dayle passed all his abilities to him.
  • This ability was used in an attempt to close the Reality Fold, an attempt which ended up in Matt's second death (although he had never actually died the first time due to the Reality Fold erasing the future, Matt still had memories of his death although the Matt that came across the Reality Fold was from 3 years before his first death. It is believed that this is due to his insert ability here ability)

Kelsey & RebeccaEdit

When Rebecca was showing Dayle that she could help him she took Kelseys Elctrokinesis


Ross was born with Electrokinesis

Olivia & LisaEdit

Olivia and Lisa were injected with a serym which gave them this ability

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