Geared berk Season One is the first berk of the team berk and having berkmore than one spy like SuperHuman the Geared Spys have these familar berks.

The Geared Spys got two Evil spys Debbi and Dylan then Andi and Jacqueline Neill died in Fragments (Andi) and Jacqueline died in True Feelings


  • Dayle = My friend from cullybackey
  • Andi = Blue
  • Maisie = Green
  • Matt Ω = Black
  • Hilary = Blue
  • Lauren = Omega
  • Jacqueline = Omega
  • Kim = My friend Dayle's mum from cullybackey
  • Ed = Bat
  • Demi = Falcon
  • Lisa = Yellow

Special GearEdit

  • Matthew Gaston = Silver
  • Kyle = Gold
  • Debbi = Vileot
  • Dylan = Black Clone


  • This is the second team to have family on the Spy registar the first being MSHS

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