• Elad takes on the identity of Adolf Hitler


  • Elad attempts to win the German elections
  • Stresseman wins elections & brings Germany out of recession
  • Stresseman retires
  • Matt Ω forces the Wall Street Crash to happen in an attempt to bring back Stresseman
  • Communist party takes advantage of this & offers everyone a chance to have equal money
  • Elad gains support from wealthy voters becuase of Communisum


  • Elad becomes Chancellor of Germany
  • Hindenburg is killed by Elad (history dictates that he died)
  • Elad makes himself Furhrer of Germany
  • Dale takes on the identity of Rudolf Hess, Hitler's right-hand man, to monitor his activities & report back to Head Spys
  • Elad calls for the airfields in Britain to be continuously bombed
  • Dale takes a British plane & bombs Berlin
  • Elad changes tactics & bombs London & Belfast
  • Britain rebuilds planes & continues fighting
  • Elad is killed by his future self, his future self become a paradox
  • Britain wins WWII
  • Head Spys return to present day

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