MAD in the Parallel World




Goodbye Wade


Death of a Monster Lord


Matthew's VerisionEdit

After unknown causes had struck Dale & Matt, they ended up in a universe that was exactly the same as theirs (except for the fact that Michael Jackson was never white which prevented Matt from being born). Upon arrival, a Quantum Tear appeared in the skies over the UK.

Quantum Tear
The Quantum Tear seen in the skies over the parallel UK

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This was due to there being a Matt in one universe & not in ours.

Think of it as if two students (the two Matt's) from two different countries (two universes) traded places for a day, now say that one of them arrives at their new school & the other doesn't (switches universes). The local authorities (quantum tear) would kick up a fuss because they've lost a foreign exchange student.

Dayle's VerisionEdit

Each line of defence was being transported to Parallel Earth where differnt fictional characters were appearing starting with Sylar (Heroes). Elad had created Parallel Doubles of Kim, Matt, Debbi, The Prince and Dayle


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