Pink SpysEdit



Elizabeth was the first Pink Spy in J'habte she was selected by Dayle Fowler

  1. Weapons: Tong Fa and Hab Lasers


Alexis was the 2nd Pink Spy during the Speed period but lost her life during a Marlek attack

  1. Weapons: Zip Charger, XLR8 and Super Speed Attack
  1. Attack Robots: Ptera Robot


Jessica is the third, sixth and seventh Pink Spy and is one of the Spys to have a colour for a long time like Dayle Fowler and Matt Ω with Dayle being Red for ages and Matt being Black for 3 teams

  • SuperHuman
  • Geared
  • Olympus



Stop BullyingEdit

Jessica returnrd in Stop Bulliers Season One and became the Pink Spy


Jessica was a freedom fighter respersenting Stop Bullying in Superhuman


Holly was the fourth Pink spy in Zeo during Geared Season One she got caught in a fight with the Red Clone and he put a dagger through her heart and she died in Death to Gaered

  1. Weapons: Bo and Swords
  1. Robots Crane Robot


Karone was evil until the beginning of Space its unknown what her weapons are as she only prodused her lasers and has no robot


Kyra was the first and last Jewish Pink Spy as [[Matt Ω]] doesnt count as he was yellow and black

  1. Weapons: Star Bo, Staff and Claw Cannon (with Dayle's weapons)
  1. Robot Dolphin Robot


Judith McCloy is the last known pink spy


  • Super Geared Mode
  • Animal Sabre
  • Riv Braces
  • Ptera Lasers


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