Andi's disappearance hits its final stage when a DNA trace of hers was found by Hasem at a Sex Club. Dayle and Demi go undercover to get into the sex club where they see Andi and Dayle saw some people he reconised as he had saved them in the past.

Major EventsEdit

  • Andi makes her first appearance this season
  • Dayle and Demi enrolled in a Sex Club
  • This is the first time Hasem rolled solo
  • Dayle, Demi and Andi had to take a whole club out together
  • For most of this story Andi was naked




Sex VitimsEdit

to be added


  • Dayle used most of the same transformations as in Shifters.
  • Most of the victims are foregin.
  • Andi will not appear for another five stories after this which is No Methods.
  • Dayle, Kim, Ed, Demi and Andi are the only main characters to appear in this story (which makes Dayle and Andi the only original Geared Spys in this story)

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