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The Reality Fold is a phenominon outside of space-time, it occupies every point in time, every point in space, whilst at the same time it occupies no point in time & no point in space. It has existed since before the big bang & will exist till after the big crunch, it controls matter whilst it is matter itself, according to the Grox it is existance in the making whilst it is oblivian before & after.


  • Can bend reality like folding a map
  • Can bend time like a piece of string
  • Believed to be the cosmological principal of everything
  • Believed to be an accident from caused in the -1 universe (the universe that existed before ours, it has no parallel universes)
  • Believed to be a piece of technology used to experiment on our universe (which could an experiment itself conducted by the -1 universe)


Notes and TriviaEdit

  • The Reality Fold could re-appear in DFA Season Five.
  • Only reason this appeared in "Time Heals" is Maisie messed about with time.

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